Imminent takeoff!

Travel in agile governance

The objectives:

  • Understand the mechanisms that allow an organization to reconfigure itself in real time to adapt to changes in its external environment and internal hazards, at all levels and by all,
  • Experiment with the main mechanisms and rituals of agile governance: roles, triage/synchronization and governance meetings,
  • Live collective decision-making and action processes that are fast and efficient.

Take-off and landing times:

  • Welcome 8:45, start 9:15.
  • Lunch on site.
  • End of 6:00 p. m.

The great stops of the journey:

  • Experience a situation of uncertainty, interaction and collective action;
    Agility to cope with uncertainty in a complex world: reconfiguration and decision-making mechanisms for real-time action;
  • The purpose to guide action and promote autonomy;
  • Exit the function sheets: long live the roles and their accountabilities;
  • The triage / synchronization meeting;
  • The governance meeting.
  • The activities of your trip: experimentation, action, play, fun, sensations, emotions, encounters with locals, sharing experiences…
  • End of 6:00 p. m.
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