The stops on your journey to an Agile company

We offer learning and experiential expeditions, transformation paths specific to each team in agile mode:

3 digital tools at the service of the agile company

Agility reinvents the way people interact and meet in the physical and digital world of organizations

Spindle HOLOON

A digital platform that makes possible to follow in real time these new modes of agile interactions in a digital world. It encourages and supports cooperation, transparency of decisions and actions and ensures traceability of changes for all members of the organization.


T4P © is a diagnostic tool that assesses the ability and the need of an Organization to operate in agile mode on 5 dimensions Transformation, Purpose, Process, Projects & People.

Spindle Assess & Practice System

The SIRH for Agile Organizations in partnership with Talent Reveal: a digital platform, to recruit, to assess & develop people’s talents & skills needed to work in an agile organization. Talent Map customized to map useful operating modes in an agile system, Talent Development to train your abilities as a sportsman, Talent Team & 360° (assessment? ) to progress together

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