[ Ability of an organization, team or individual to update beliefs and interactions, quickly and effectively. ]

  • Today’s world is complex and uncertain.
  • The status quo is no longer an option: to remain competitive, companies need to learn how to adapt.
  • This implies (suppose) a profound challenge of current ways of operating.
  • Spindle exists to support organizations in this process.

our services and training offer_

We accompany in action, teams and Organizations, private or public, in their will to establish new ways of working collectively to be able to face the uncertain and the complex parts of our realities.

We train teams to develop their adaptability and autonomy, express their potentials, and interact more efficiently and seamlessly.

our approach
and tools_

With more than 15 years of R&D, we have developed a unique approach integrating the best of methods that promote agility (Scrum, Holacracy, Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Sociocracy, etc.) as well as many tools developed over the course of the experiments.

Our approach enables companies to achieve their “cultural pivot” and adapt to the specificities of each Organization.
We operate ourselves in “agile mode”, through experimentation, iteration and pollination.

« Agility is a mindset that applies to all areas of life. It requires to trust people. They have the right skills to carry out their activities. By doing this, everyone acquires a level of freedom that is fantastic. »

Emmanuelle Métivier-Byrd
Orange Business Services