Our thoughts and our practices are fuelled by many different works coming from social sciences, HR innovations, agile methods’ projects, psychology, coaching and many more…

Below is a sampling of those / what inspire us :

  • “The Truth About Motivation”, Dan Pink.
  • “Start with why”, Simon Sinek
  • Agile methods and more specifically Scrum and Lean Startup
  • “The Holacracy Revolution”, Brian Robertson
  • “Reinventing Organizations”, Frédéric Laloux
  • Transactional analysis, Eric Berne
  • “Turn the Ship Around” and”Leadership is langage”, L. David Marquet
  • “OODA Loop”, John Boyd
  • “Lead like the great conductors”, Itay Talgam
  • “Dare to disagree” and “Why its time to forget the pecking order at work”, Margaret Heffernan
  • “What is happening to us?”, Marc Halévy